A Little Mixed Up

Lucy Desoto with Robert Susz, George Rigatos, Jake Lardot, Scott Johnston & Bob Gale

Between the Saddle & the Ground

Check out this great video of our original tune "Between the Saddle & the Ground"

Blues in the Back Bar @ The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle

Lucy Desoto with Bob Gale & Jake Lardot & George Rigatos & Robert Susz & Scott Johnston

Lucy Desoto, Bob Gale & Jake Lardot

Check out this clip of my cool blues trio playing for the Friday night crowd at Bligh Park Tavern 1/03/19 with Bob Gale on sax and guitarist Jake Lardot

About Lucy Desoto

The Handsome Devils


Lucy Desoto's fabulous Blues Band



featuring saxophonist Bob Gale 

& guitarist Jake Lardot, 

with Scott Johnston on drums 

George Rigatos on bass

This incredible line-up often features 

special guest artist 

Continental Robert Susz  

The music swings,  the volume is restrained and the vibe is very cool

Adults Only!

'Australia Rocks' by Lucy Desoto


This is a unique book, 

offering a rich visual and historical context for the emergence and development of Australian pop & rock  music throughout the 20th century. 

Featuring over 200 photographs and published by Exisle Publishing 2016, 

'Australia Rocks' is a fascinating, colourful illustrated history of the Australian 

pop & rock music scene, authored by 

Lucy Desoto



Lucy Desoto started out in the Sydney pub rock scene in th 70s, spent a lifetime on the road, backing some of Australia's iconic musicians including Angry Anderson, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo) and Ian Moss (Cold Chisel), Continental Robert Susz (Dynamic Hepnotics, Mighty Reapers) and most recently, Alex Smith (Moving Pictures). 

Now, acclaimed guitarist Jake Lardot and saxophonist Bob Gale have come together to form her blues/jazz trio 

The Handsome Devils, showcasing her great vocals and rock steady rhythms.

Bookings Available through this website.


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Lucy Desoto musician, songwriter, author

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia